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Alamodome’s Big League Weekend a Success

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Its official.    The H.E.M big league weekend in San Antonio held at the Alamodome featuring the Texas Rangers and the San Diego Padres MLB exhibition series in a first-ever baseball field layout was a success.  The Ryan Sanders group and the Texas Rangers achieved what they had hoped to see.  A great field, great crowds and an event that has been talked about for a long time.  You really need to see the following link to understand what was achieved in this event the day before easter.  Alamo Dome 1st ever baseball Conversion.  It shows the Dome going from a arena football event to  the game in 5 days.   Two totally different floor layouts.

The transition teams for the exhibition match at the dome (Astroturf, Ryan Sanders Sportsturf, Alamo Dome staff, padding crew, John and his vinyl guys ) did an outstanding job with the renovation.     When you do something that has not been done before,  you really need a group that is focused on the final goal.   Every issue that became an obstacle or a concern was approached with a positive attitude in order to come up with a solution.  Safety issues were set as the main priority and operational challenges were continually defined.   The grounds crew from the Missions ball club also chipped into help with the event.   I will have to say there were quite a few challenges but the team that was assembled worked very well together to ensure success.     Garrett and his entire crew were top notch.  Reid Ryan and JJ Gottch were a great management team.  They were not only great grounds guys but chipped in at the last minute to be the ballboys down the lines during each game.


The Rangers won both exhibition games and ironically it wasn’t as lopsided as people thought it would be.  The right field fence is only 285 down the line.  Although the guys had fun with the short porch in BP,  during the 2 games it may have only been a issue in 1 home run.    In fact the Ryan Sanders group made BP part of the fun for fans allowing them in to catch all the homerun balls.  They also  added special balls with stamps on them with the sponsor logo  for prizes.  Pretty cool.   Another highlight was working with my “old” friend Tom McAfee who is the operations manager at the Alamodome    A great supporter of baseball in the area and more importantly can still run a pretty good line!   Thanks Tom to you and your team.

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Alamo Dome’s First Baseball Event Padres vs Rangers

ground rulePlans are underway for the Big League weekend at the Alamo dome in San Antonio The San Diego Padres take on the Texas Rangers for a two game series before texas opens the regular season Sunday. The Alamo Dome has hosted numerous other events including the NCAA Final’s , AFL football, concerts, monster trucks and now they can add baseball.

My old friend Tom McAfee runs the building operations and Garrett Reddehase head GK of the round Rock club have been working on this event for a while. Since this past Sunday they have transformed the dome’s floor into baseball mode which has not been a simple task considering it has never been done.

With 285 down the right field line i am sure we will be seeing some exciting plays. with 437 to center its a bit more challenging. The Astroturf MD-60 is the turf being used at the venue. The same plastic grass is in the Bluejays park. Under the turf we installed a clay base so there could be enough depth in the clay pits for ample compaction.

Cant say enough about the Alamo dome staff and the Ryan-Sanders group on how everyone has pulled together to make this event possible. They are expecting big crowds this weekend for the two game series.

Texas Rangers Groundcrew Sport New Bling

Stopped by The Ballpark in Arlington this week to visit with Dennis Klein, head groundskeeper for the Rangers and coincidentally it was ring day for the Texas Rangers American League Champions.  Each full-time member of his crew also recieved a championship ring.  Hats off to Nolan Ryan and the Rangers for taking care of the ground crew.    As usual the field looked immaculate.